Unlimited Coaching Details

How Unlimited Coaching Works

A few details on how everything works:

  • You get unlimited No Cover Up coaching via Email
  • Sometimes we’ll respond to your questions with video links and sometimes direct text.
  • Any question you have regarding fat loss strategy, daily practice and tips, or anything in between, I will give you an answer.
  • The more specificyour questions, the better.  This is paramount to your progress.  The more specific the better the answer I can provide you.
  • To submit your questions you’ll use a dedicated Google Form within the portal
  • I’ll respond to all questions within 72 hours (usually much sooner).

A few tips on asking good questions…

As a rule try to avoid asking for ‘Feedback’.  It’s tough to give general feedback that’s actionable (we want you taking action) for you. Instead try to ask a very specific question.

For example:

Hey Jacqueline,

I just ate a healthy breakfast about an hour ago.  However, I feel like I am about to fall asleep at my desk.  

I attached Google doc of what I ate, when and how much from my food journal.

Could you review it (it shouldn’t take long) and tell me exactly what you think it is that’s making me tired and what I can do to have more energy throughout my morning?

Thank you!

Rockin Student

A poor version of the same question would be…

Hey Jacqueline,

I just ate breakfast and now I’m tired.  Can you give me feedback on why I’m so tired?  I need energy!

Not Rockin Student

A few more details:

  • This isn’t an opportunity for us to do your work for you, you’re just getting our thoughts and opinions before you execute and so you can execute.
  • Results will largely depend on your follow through, taking action, learning and implementing it into your lifestyle.
  • This is primarily an opportunity to get a second set of eyes on your current process or circumstance in a very cost-effective way.