Wk 6: Creating Healthy Habits

Topic Progress:


Joining a program, watching video and applying the actions will only go as far as developing a habit does.  In this video, I break down how to create healthy habits so you can start to truly transform what you’ve learned in LBD into lifestyle habits that last no matter what time of year.  I really want you to take what you’ve learned in this program and be able to take it with you to manage hunger, crush cravings and conquer overeating.

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Action Item:

You have two options:

  1.  Pick the habit that if you change it, it will also positively affect several other small habits, ultimately improving your lifestyle as a whole.
  2. If that seems too daunting, then choose a small habit you know you can change now with little resistance.  Do this to build momentum and confidence.  Once you knock one out, move on to the next easiest one for you, ultimately improving your lifestyle one small step at a time.