Wk 6: Craving Cures

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All too often we feel like cravings are something we need to ignore, fend off and not give in to.  However, the truth is, cravings are your bodies way of communicating to you.  Now, there are many different cravings and trying to teach them all would be a whole other course in and of itself.  In this video, I help you understand what your craving is most likely trying to say to you and how to best “cure”.  By cure, I mean to give it what it actually needs, rather than what you might believe you’re craving for.

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Action Item:

Begin practicing better self-awareness and listening to your body…what are these cravings actually telling you.  Once you start listening, make sure you give them what they need (nourishment) rather than giving it something that doesn’t truly satisfy the need.