Wk 3: Getting Back On Track

Topic Progress:

We always have energy, motivation, and the mojo we need to start a program, but when you meet a little adversity how do you handle it?  To you fall off the boat, ghost out and give in to your old habits, mindset, and excuses?  Or do you get back on the horse, learn from your slips and improve upon previous mistakes.

I created this lesson because it’s easy to fall off early, especially if we have done the work or gotten the results we want.  The difference between the same old life we’ve been trying to get away from and a new often lies in how many times are you willing to get back on track when slip, stall, fall, fumble and even crash hard.  In this lesson, I share proven ways for getting back to building the lifestyle you want.

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Action Item:

If you’ve fallen off, DO NOT give up…Think of your vision, why you’re here and what it will be like when you achieve the results you want.  Now, get back on track using these tips or ones you already know work for you.

If you haven’t fallen off.  how can you inspire others by teaching them these tips so they can join in a healthy holiday season.