Wk 3: Getting Back On Track Pt. 2

Topic Progress:

Motivation and inspiration rarely just appears…if you don’t have it you have to create it.  Sometimes it’s music, sometimes it’s see others less fortunate, sometimes it’s educational material, sometimes it’s just taking action and so on.  We all have different things that get us going.  What is yours?  How can you use it to get you going AND keep you motivated?

This video continues on with tips for getting back on track.  All proven to support your success.  But, YOU have to apply them.

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Action Item:

If you’ve fallen off, DO NOT give up…Think of your vision, why you’re here and what it will be like when you achieve the results you want.  Now, get back on track using these tips or ones you already know work for you.

If you haven’t fallen off.  how can you inspire others by teaching them these tips so they can join in a healthy holiday season.