Wk 2: Micro-Planning

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In this video, I share how you can take that big vision you made and the important goals you’ve set and chunk them down into a small little plan that makes a big difference. You’ll see how the first week comes into play even more while preparing your plan. Although LBD is designed for the holiday season you can use this step-by-step process anytime.

Here’s how it works:

When is your next “Holiday Mess”?  (remember, a mess is when a holiday hurdle hits real hard in a short period of time or when multiple holiday hurdles hit all at once.) For many, the first mess hits around Thanksgiving.  It may be Thanksgiving itself, a family gathering, a Friendsgiving, black Friday,  or anytime the hurdles hit you hard.

This will be the event or circumstance in which you will start planning for first.  Start doing this now.

What “holiday hurdles” are usually associated with the mess?  How many of the hurdles and which ones can you expect during or around your holiday mess?  Write these down so you can to identify when, where, and how they affect your goals and vision of the ideal holiday season.

Which and how many of the lifestyle behaviors/factors are affected by these hurdles?  Go through the priority order of your lifestyle behaviors.  Write down which ones will be potentially impacted by each of the hurdles you listed?  Begin to determine if your health priorities are under attack during or around your first mess.  If so, then  you’ll want to begin considering possible contingency plans for them so that you can still accomplish the goals you’ve set.

Will you need to reprioritize your lifestyle behaviors to both enjoy the circumstances and stay true to your health goals?  In the previous step, if you realize that you can’t find a way to achieve what you want is there another way to do so by reprioritizing your lifestyle behaviors based on the specific context so you can create the best possible outcome.   Explore reprioritizing to stay as aligned as possible with your health and happiness goals.

What do you need to learn, prepare and plan to achieve your goal outcome?  Now that you’ve done all of the above all you need to do is begin to decide what’s needed (you’ll learn a lot of options and best practices in LBD).  This is where a lot of resourcefulness comes in…every persons circumstances are different and therefore there are a lot of different possible scenarios.  You’re not always going to have the answer right at your fingertips.  You may have to learn something new,  prepare something you haven’t before and plan like you’ve never done.  This is a place where those old habits don’t want to give in, but this is a place where major change can happen for you.

I encourage you to practice micro-planning over and over and over.  It will not be an easy change initially, however, just like anything else, as you practice and apply these steps you’ll begin to grasp it and soon enough it will be second nature.

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Action Item:

Start planning to navigate your first holiday mess by using this document to increase awareness and prepare your plan.