Wk 1: Managing the Mess

Topic Progress:


Most of us are very familiar with the lifestyle behaviors that keep us healthy, however rarely do we think about them as a toolkit for success.  I mean some tools you’re great with and others you’re so-so or just don’t know how to use very well.  The key is to know what tool you need when, know when to switch them out for another and master which ones work best for you and under what circumstances.

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Action Item:

  • Prioritize your lifestyle behaviors from what you need to focus on the most (at #1) to what comes easiest to you (at #5).
  • Later it will be important to be able to know that these could (and usually will) change their priority order based on the circumstances.
  • Think about ah-ha moments you’ve previously had.  What can you learn about how you planned, prepared and executed during that moment or event?