Wk 5: 4 Steps to Crush Cravings

Topic Progress:

Here’s the truth…If you’ve done a lot of the work up to this point you and you’re actually adding what you’ve learned into your lifestyle then you’ve probably already experienced a significant drop in cravings.  However, I know it’s easy to catch cravings during the holidays.  It’s why you’re here.   Those holiday hurdles can easily catch up to us as we have been bombarded by them now for weeks and it’s getting crunch time.  I’m talking about the final days to fit in holiday shopping, getting things done for family and friends, work/holiday events, end of the year deadlines for work, traveling, family gatherings, and more.  Remember, do what you’ve already learned first and then use these to help even more.

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Action Item:

  • Practice deconstructing a craving by first identifying one that continues to get the best of you and then asking yourself what does my body or I TRULY need and why?
  • Once you identify your true need, whether it be boredom, stress, or a lack of inspiration or bad habits, mindless actions, or unhealthy behaviors, or simply a nutrition or energy deficiency then I want you to commit to changing that one thing.