Lesson 2: Commit to Your Health & Happiness

In lesson 2 of Little Black Dress Project we begin to dive into how to solve some major food, exercise and lifestyle obstacles during the season. These will help add to your toolbox for success during the holidays.  These will really help you avoid some of the big hurdles we discussed in lesson one.


To CLEARLY understand & plan how you can enjoy your second holiday “hot mess”, usually company parties, social events or family gatherings,  and stick to your healthy lifestyle goals.  This is big time period for social pressures that lead overeating and drinking.


For you to learn how to overcome the usual:

  • ENVIRONMENT obstacles so you can take charge wherever you are,
  • EATING obstacles so you can prepare and plan for eating on the go or on the road
  • EXERCISE obstacles so you can get your workout in anytime & anyplace.