Lesson 3: Crush Cravings & Conquer Overeating

In lesson 3 of Little Black Dress Project, we begin to dig deep as our usual bad habits are fighting to resurface and give in.  Here’s where I’ll provide you with success strategies to face your physiology and psychology that seems to be fighting against you because of the accumulation of holiday hurdles all hitting at once.


To CLEARLY understand how you can enjoy Christmas (the Ultimate holiday “hot mess”) festivities and stay to your healthy lifestyle goals.  Christmas time is where emotional associations to food, family, and fun as well as heavy stress are beating you down leading to us “giving in”, overeating and underexercising (often to an extreme).


For you to overcome:

  • your usual food failures, managing hunger and crushing cravings,
  • your usual emotional associations, building self-trust and owning your lady leader mindset
  • your usual bad habits & lifestyle blocks.