For as long as I can remember, I loved being able to understand and master things.  Mastering my body was my first passion.  Unfortunately, I believed the only way to mold and shape my body was through EXTREME nutrition and training.   And it was bleeding into every aspect of my life.

It wasn’t until I found myself picking apart every “flaw”, binging my face off and hiding away for days that I realized this wasn’t what I wanted.  I had an eating disorder.   This was my initial wake up call.

How can I fight yo-yo dieting, body image issues and the extreme mindset in a healthy way?

After successfully achieving a few milestones I was still fighting confidence issues and hired a coach in preparation for a National Level Figure Competition.  The coach was extreme and the internal battle began.  I finished, placed 8th, but was very disappointed in myself.  I knew I veered off the healthy goals I vowed to commit to.

Never again.

This was the initial seed for what is now the Lady Leader Lifestyle.

What is Lady Leader Lifestyle?  The short answer is…a mind, body, and nutrition method for understanding, enjoying and leading a healthy lifestyle without the extremes (and the deeper crap that comes with it).  I believe in creating a lifestyle that lasts, something more than just numbers on a scale and counting calories.

In all honesty, Lady Leader Lifestyle is much more…

  • LLL is a philosophy for leading with truth and understanding.
  • LLL is an attitude of joy and appreciation
  • LLL is a community of compassion and generosity.

LLL is a place where women have the permission to become their authentic selves and realize their goals, without holding back.  Join the thousands of ladies, moms, and professional women who are challenging themselves to lose fat, live fit and lead a healthy lifestyle.   #LadyLeaderLifestyle

Coach Sarah Hunt is an NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach and doTerra Wellness Consultant. She holds Master’s Degree in Education Administration from Xavier University and loves how her passion for teaching fits right into the fitness industry. Now with 6 years of experience her passion still lies in helping women exceed their personal goals and learn a balanced life they love.